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Minitab® Statistical Software

Minitab® Statistical Software — Contrato do aplicativo para área de trabalho

Minitab® Statistical Software — Contrato do aplicativo Web

Quality Trainer®

Contrato de assinatura do Quality Trainer®

Minitab Engage

Contrato de assinatura do Minitab Engage

Minitab Workspace®

Contrato do Minitab Workspace®

Salford Predictive Modeler®

Contrato do Salford Predictive Modeler®

Processamento de Dados

Minitab, LLC processes personal information in Your Content in compliance with one of the following:

Data Processing Agreement with Standard Contractual Clauses ( DPA-SCC )

(For personal information subject to GDPR)

Data Processing Agreement ( DPA )

(For personal information not subject to GDPR)

Minitab Data Processing Agreement

(Effective until no later than December 27, 2022)