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    Using Minitab 18?

    Minitab 19

    Getting Started with Minitab 19

    Orient yourself to Minitab 19 and quickly begin using it to analyze your project data. 

    Minitab 19 Brochure

    Discover how Minitab Statistical Software's comprehensive set of statistical tools can help your organization analyze data and find meaningful solutions to your toughest business problems.

    License Options Guide

    Learn about the different license options available with Minitab 19.

    Minitab 19 Installation Guide

    Follow detailed instructions to install and troubleshoot the multi-user version of Minitab 19 and the License Manager.

    Minitab 19 Local Help

    This installation will provide help content and data sets in the 8 supported languages for users that cannot use the built-in online help system.

    Minitab 19 Deployment Guide

    Prepare Minitab 19 for installation with a managed deployment tool.

    Minitab 19 ReadMe

    Learn more about the improvements made in Minitab 19.