• Salford Predictive Modeler

    User Guides

    Get started using SPM software by learning about key features and becoming familiar with many of the technical aspects of the software.

    Introducing the SPM software Infrastructure

    Learn about the SPM infrastructure and facilities. 

    Exploring Data

    Learn how to use the SPM application to gain insights into a dataset by viewing and generating descriptive statistics. 

    SPM 8.3 Command Reference

    Learn about SPM command language and syntax.

    CART® Modeling Engine

    Introducing CART

    Become familiar with the CART modeling engine. 

    Classification Modeling in CART

    Learn about classification modeling using the CART modeling engine. 

    MARS® Modeling Engine

    Introducing MARS

    Become familiar with the MARS modeling engine. 

    Random Forests® Modeling Engine

    Introducing Random Forests

    Become familiar with the Random Forests modeling engine. 

    Random Forests Modeling Basics

    Learn about modeling basics using the Random Forests modeling engine. 

    TreeNet® Modeling Engine

    Introducing TreeNet

    Become familiar with the TreeNet modeling engine.

    Additional User Guides

    Guide to the BASIC Programming Language

    Get an overview of the built-in BASIC programming language available in the SPM suite. 

    Introducing LOGIT Modeling

    Learn about the LOGIT module, a tool for logistic regression analysis – model building, model evaluation, prediction and scoring, and regression diagnostics. 

    Introduction to Data Binning

    Become familiar with automated data binning.

    Introducing Generalized PathSeeker

    Become familiar with Generalized PathSeeker (GPS) and model interpretation. 

    Model Compression via ISLE and RuleLearner

    Learn how to integrate TreeNet and GPS to achieve model compression and more. 


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  • Salford Predictive Modeler® 8
    Minitab’s Integrated Suite of Machine Learning Software

    SPM’s CART® modeling engine is the ultimate classification tree that has revolutionized the field of advanced analytics, and inaugurated the current era of data science.

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    Random Forests®

    Random Forests® modeling engine leverages the power of multiple alternative analyses, randomization strategies, and ensemble learning.

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    The MARS® modeling engine is ideal for users who prefer results in a form similar to traditional regression while capturing essential nonlinearities and interactions.

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    TreeNet® Gradient Boosting is SPM’s most flexible and powerful data mining tool, capable of consistently generating extremely accurate models.

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