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  • Lean and Six Sigma World

    Orlando, FL
    19-08-2020 - 20-08-2020

    North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit (NAMES)

    Chicago, IL
    09-09-2020 - 10-09-2020

    Advanced Design & Manufacturing New England

    Boston, MA
    16-09-2020 - 17-09-2020

    AME International

    Toronto, Ontario
    26-10-2020 - 30-10-2020


    Boston, MA
    26-10-2020 - 29-10-2020

    MD&M Minneapolis

    Minneapolis, MN
    28-10-2020 - 29-10-2020


    Spokane, WA
    12-11-2020 - 15-11-2020

    Decision Sciences Institute

    San Francisco, CA
    21-11-2020 - 23-11-2020

    IHI Annual National Forum of Quality Improvement in Health Care

    Orlando, FL
    06-12-2020 - 09-12-2020

    Machine Learning: The Next Step in Manufacturing Performance

    Over half of the companies we have spoken to globally rate Machine Learning as one of their top challenges impacting business in the next 2-3 years, and many are not sure where to start. You might not be as far behind as you think though. Popular machine learning tools are actually an extension of the modeling tools you already know. We invite to take a look of how to start today. (60 minutes)

    Learn Statistics Anytime, Anywhere

    If you need to brush up on your statistics, watch this On Demand Webinar for a demo of Quality Trainer®. (60 minutes)

    The New Toolkit for Continuous Improvement

    The toolkit for solving your most advanced challenges is changing fast and new opportunities arise with the digital transformation of manufacturing and operations. In this webinar, discover how to power and digitalise your improvement projects and data analysis thanks to best practice methods combined with appropriate intuitive Software tools. (60 minutes)

    Discover Minitab Workspace: The Ultimate Visual Toolkit to Elevate your Work

    Searching for simple solutions to achieve the greatest impact with your work? Minitab Workspace enables you to move work forward with powerful visual tools, process maps, brainstorming diagrams and forms. All in one intuitive interface right at your finger tips. Our tools help form processes and identify opportunities ultimately making problems easier to solve. We are excited to share this new product with you and demonstrate how Minitab Workspace will lead you to discover better business opportunities!

    ¿Qué hay de nuevo en Minitab® 19?

    ¡Minitab 19 está aquí! Cubriremos las últimas actualizaciones de la interfaz de Minitab para familiarizar a los usuarios con su nuevo espacio de trabajo en el software. Revisaremos las nuevas funciones de Minitab y las mejoras estadísticas que facilitan el análisis de datos, junto con los tips y consejos de nuestros expertos de Minitab sobre cómo aprovechar al máximo Minitab 19. Lo invitamos a conocer Minitab 19 y sus actualizaciones en estadística que incluyen respuesta binaria para Diseño de Experimentos (DOE), mejoras de capacidad normal y más. (60 minutos)

    Aprendiendo de los Expertos 1: Ahorre Tiempo Automatizando la Importación de Datos

    ¿Sabía que puede utilizar a Minitab® para detectar problemas en los procesos en tiempo real con sólo un clic? Éste y muchos otros beneficios como reducir el riesgo de cometer errores humanos en la importación de datos, ahorrar tiempo, y agilizar la actualización de gráficos a partir de nuevos puntos de datos, los puede obtener automatizando la importación de su información a Minitab®. (60 minutos)

    Aprendiendo de los Expertos 2: Agilice su Análisis de Datos con Macros en Minitab®

    ¿Desea que haya una manera más simple de hacer el mismo trabajo una y otra vez? Automatice sus análisis con los macros de Minitab®. ¡Reserve una hora de su tiempo y lo ayudaremos a ahorrar mucho más!  Con macros de Minitab®, puede realizar análisis estadísticos con una mínima intervención del usuario. Lo invitamos a empezar el día de hoy. (60 minutos)

    Better Process. Better Outcome. Better Product. Using Minitab for superior quality in medical device manufacturing

    Medical device manufacturers are often tasked with documenting the process to comply with regulatory requirements and improving quality to adhere to customer specifications. Failure to do not just one, but all of the above is not an option in most medical device process scenarios. That's where capability analysis comes in. We invite to take a look of how to start today. (60 minutes)

    Does More Data Mean More Effective Control Charts: The Surprising Truth

    When you need to monitor and control variation in your process, a control chart will help you to separate special causes from common cause variation (or random variation). Yet how do today's types of data, including Big Data, impact this tool's effectiveness? Join us as we evaluate the performance of control charts, compare full vs sampled data and make recommendations for gaining business insights with Big Data. (35 minutes)

    From Unicorns to Racehorses: The Digitisation of Your Business, from Myths to Reality

    Businesses are collecting more data than ever. Being able to collect, collate and analyse this information is critical as organisations use this to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Yet how do you deliver meaningful outcomes? How do you separate the hype surrounding predictive analytics from the reality? (60 minutes)

    Hoja de ruta del profesional de la calidad para crear proyectos efectivos de mejora continua

    Para los profesionales de la calidad, la necesidad de identificar rápida y claramente la causa raíz resulta crucial para las empresas cuando los clientes experimentan problemas con los productos o servicios. En este seminario web, le mostraremos un proceso de mejora continua paso a paso que aprovecha los sistemas estructurados de análisis y solución de problemas para investigar, mejorar y mantener de forma efectiva la calidad de la señal de un proveedor de telefonía móvil utilizando Minitab y Companion. (60 minutos)

    How to start your analyses

    During this webinar, discover through practical examples how to describe your data using graphs and simple statistical indicators to better understand them, how to analyze them according to what you want to prove or according to the problem you want solve, and how to interpret the visual representations of the results and the statistical indices. (60 minutes)

    Identifique y Elimine sus Puntos Ciegos Analíticos con Minitab

    ¿Está aprovechando sus datos de manera efectiva y obteniendo los mejores análisis? Todos queremos creer que ese es el caso; sin embargo, todos enfrentamos puntos ciegos, nos demos cuenta o no. Una herramienta que cubriremos en particular es el revolucionario árbol de clasificación y regresión (CART®), que amplía las capacidades de análisis predictivo de Minitab para permitirle tomar decisiones de manera más proactiva. Únase a nuestra Gerente de Arquitectura de Soluciones, Marilyn Wheatley, para discutir las adiciones de la última versión del Software Estadístico Minitab. (60 min)

    Minitab® Need to Know 1: Managing Data in Minitab

    Do you find yourself cutting and pasting data into Minitab from Excel or other programs too often? We’d like to introduce you to a few good options you might not have known were available in Minitab. (60 minutes)

    Minitab® Need to Know 2: First Steps for Data Analysis in Minitab

    See how your data are distributed and look for changes over time with data visualization tools in Minitab®. Get to know many of these tools and how you can use them to take an initial look at your data set. (60 minutes)

    Minitab® Need to Know 3: Introduction to Process Capability in Minitab

    Process capability is the assessment of how well the process delivers what the customer wants. Learn key process capability concepts with us as we walk you through the process capability routemap. (60 minutes)

    Tips from the Experts: Fast-track Your Data Analysis with Basic Macros

    Do you hate redoing the same work over and over again and wish there was a simpler way? Automate your analyses with Minitab macros. Set aside one hour and we will help you get started saving hours and performing statistical analysis with minimal user input. (60 minutes)

    Todo lo que Necesita Saber de Minitab®: Primeros Pasos para el Análisis de Datos y Mejorar la Capacidad de su Proceso

    Familiarícese con todo Lo que Necesita Saber de Minitab®, y no solo logrará agilizar el procesamiento de sus datos - obtendrá un mayor conocimiento parar interpretar los resultados. (60 minutos)

    How can you make your CI Initiatives more visible, more effective and ultimately more profitable?

    Scattered information, insufficient alignment and prioritisation as well as lack of stakeholder buy-in are some of the most common reasons why Continuous Improvement (CI) Initiatives fail; learn how to overcome these challenges with Companion by Minitab®. (60 minutes)

    Seeing the Unknown: Identifying Risk and Quantifying Probability with Monte Carlo Simulation

    Unknown risk can create considerable concern and worrying. However, known risk can be a secret weapon - empowering you to avoid wasteful spending and allocate resources more effectively. Monte Carlo simulation in Companion by Minitab can help you foresee the variety of outcomes likely to occur when you alter different variables. (60 minutes)

    Smarter Process Improvement

    What if you could get real-time insight into how your projects impact the bottom line, and at the same time maximize the efficiency of your improvement process itself? You can, with Companion by Minitab. See how! (60 minutes)

    Venciendo el Desafío #1 de las Iniciativas de Mejora de Calidad

    ¿Por qué el 70% de las iniciativas de mejora de la calidad fracasan? El mayor obstáculo está a menudo dentro de su organización. Aprenda cómo todos pueden estar en la misma página usando información en tiempo real de todos los proyectos. Únase a nosotros en seminario web en vivo y conozca cómo Companion by Minitab® puede ayudarlo a obtener el respaldo que necesita de la alta dirección. (60 minutos)

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