• Minitab 19

    Better decision making.
    Faster performance.
    Easier than ever.

    Minitab 19 delivers statistical analysis, visualizations, predictive and improvement analytics to enable data-driven decision making. Regardless of statistical background, Minitab can empower an organization to predict better outcomes, design better products and improve the future through its easy-to-use software or support network of expert statisticians.


    Our newest features empower users with better decision-making capabilities for both the seasoned user or new users of our software.


    Faster performance to synthesize larger amounts of data with ease. Discover valuable insights in your data, faster.


    Easier than ever. A new intuitive interface and Minitab’s Assistant are able to easily guide you through your data analysis. Industry-leading technical support and training are available to help you along the way.

    Analyze datasets large and small with the simplified interface and new powerful features.

    Manage and organize your projects with the flexibility you need – the new navigator feature allows you to group results/analysis by worksheet and sort alphabetically or run by order.

    New split view feature allows you to easily compare multiple analyses side by side.

    New statistical features for DOE (Design of Experiments), stepwise regression and normal capability enhancements to facilitate in-depth data analysis.

    See all statistical features

    Perform your Minitab data analysis faster

    Algorithm enhancements mean you get results faster

    32-bit or 64-bit version

    Always have the most up-to-date results with intuitive update of visualizations when dataset is refreshed

    Automate routine analysis with convenient and user-friendly access to the command line

    Easier than ever:
    Reduce the data analysis learning curve with
    Minitab 19

    You don't have to be a statistics expert to get the insight you need from your data.

    Minitab’s Assistant is a built-in interactive feature that guides you through your analysis and even helps you interpret and present results.

    Not everyone uses data analysis every day— for infrequent or new users, Minitab’s Assistant feature can help.

    Take advantage of best-in-class training and support to help make your life easier.

    Gain insight into your data and improve the quality of your products and services with training guided by expert statisticians. Check out our global public training and on-site options to bring a Minitab trainer to you.

    Plus, with highly technical user support options with the latest version of our software, enjoy access to our trained statisticians who can guide you through the analytical tools in Minitab to enhance your analytical capabilities.

    Minitab Quick Start: Jump right in with this free resource to help you begin using Minitab

    New to using Minitab Statistical Software? Or need a refresher?

    This e-learning resource introduces you to the basic functions and navigation. Get on the path to finding solutions to your most challenging business problems with these lessons on accessing the features and organizing your data and results, creating data visualizations and conducting statistical analyses, and more.

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    Quality Trainer: A comprehensive statistics course for the most commonly used Minitab Statistical Software tools

    E-learning course Quality Trainer* can supplement any new employee or team member’s onboarding. Quality Trainer includes animated lessons, quizzes, and hands-on exercises to help you easily learn statistics and how to use Minitab Statistical software.

    For global teams, Quality Trainer is now offered in French, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese with English voiceover.

    Learn about Quality Trainer
    Quality Trainer®

    *Quality Trainer e-learning sold separately

    Working closer with Companion by Minitab:
    Process improvement management just got a little easier

    Send output from Minitab Statistical Software directly to Companion by Minitab.*

    Insert Minitab Statistical Software projects straight from your Companion roadmap, and updates will be saved inside your Companion project.

    Import Monte Carlo simulation models created in Minitab Statistical Software into Companion.

    Learn about Companion by Minitab
    by Minitab®

    *Companion by Minitab sold separately

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