• Time Series Plot and One-Way ANOVACan You Count On Weather Forecasts?

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    People consult weather forecasts to determine their activities, what to wear, or what to pack for a trip. But are these predictions trustworthy, or just a lot of hot air? You can use the Assistant in Minitab Statistical Software to find out.

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    Would You Survive a Voyage on the Titanic?

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    It happened more than 100 years ago, but the sinking of the Titanic still captures our attention. Less than half of the passengers survived her doomed maiden voyage—but the odds of surviving varied by gender and class.

    If you were a passenger, would you survive?


    Graphical Analysis
    Hypothesis Tests

    Is the Soup Too Spicy?

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    Follow along as Mama Bear uses Minitab Statistical Software to set up, collect, and analyze the data she hopes will identify why the Bear household is disagreeing so frequently.


    Measurement Systems Analysis

    Can You Bike to Work on Time?

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    By riding his bike to work, Joel got more exercise and saved money on gas. But his boss believes that Joel has been arriving late to work since he began biking. Does the evidence confirm Joel’s punctuality? We can find out with the Assistant in Minitab Statistical Software.


    Graphical Analysis
    Before/After Control Charts

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