• The latest release of Minitab Express is┬áhere!

    Version 1.5 includes data import from Excel, bootstrapping and randomization tests, and new regression features.

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    Prepare your students for a data-driven world.

    Our professional software includes all the statistics you need for beginning through advanced courses.

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    Our new statistical software has all the tools you need to teach introductory statistics.

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    Plan and supplement your courses with Lesson Plans, instructional YouTube videos, Classroom Applications, Minitab Help Examples, and more.

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  • Steep Discounts and Free Trials

    Qualified instructors and their students can save money by renting 6- or 12-month versions of Minitab 17 and Minitab Express from the Minitab Product Center at OnTheHub.com.

  • Minitab experience is in demand.

    More than 90% of the Fortune 100 companies and thousands of other world-class businesses use our software. When you teach statistics with Minitab, you give your students a highly marketable job skill and the confidence they need to leverage it in the workforce.

    See employers who are currently using popular job sites to recruit candidates with Minitab experience.

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