• Minitab® 17

    Analyze your data and improve your products and services with the leading statistical software used for quality improvement worldwide. Get the free trial


    Quality Trainer®

    Learn the statistics you need to improve quality and how to analyze your data with Minitab Statistical Software using this e-learning course.



    Simulate product results and determine best settings for your inputs using Monte Carlo simulation and optimization. Get the free trial



    Monitor, manage, and share the status of your entire program with a project portfolio management platform designed specifically for Lean Six Sigma.


    Quality Companion® 3

    Everything you need to manage your Lean Six Sigma and quality improvement projects in one application. Get the free trial  

  • Services that make your job easier

    Free Technical Support

    Get the help you need by phone or online from friendly specialists highly skilled in statistics, quality improvement and computer systems.

    Affordable and Flexible Licenses

    Choose from a wide range of options that save you time and money, from volume discounts on individual copies to enterprise-wide licenses.

    Convenient Training

    Learn how to use our software to improve quality through public, on-site, and online courses. Personal mentoring is also available. Instructors are seasoned quality improvement professionals.

    Industry Expertise

    Trust in a sales team that includes a global network of representatives with extensive experience helping customers to implement quality improvement.

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