Three Easy Ways to Access the “Best Technical Support” in the Business

Statistics isn’t easy, especially if your analysis could directly affect your organization’s bottom line. So when the project’s due and you need help using Minitab, what should you do?

When the going gets tough, smart quality practitioners call Minitab Technical Support. Minitab offers assistance from friendly, highly skilled experts in statistics, quality improvement and computer systems—and it’s completely free for Minitab customers. 

If you’ve never used it, you might wonder how helpful a free service can be. The fact is, many customers tell us that our team sets the standard for outstanding support.

"Of all the software companies I've ever dealt with, Minitab has the best technical support,” says Mark Loch, a practitioner at a large chemical company. “Not only do they really know Minitab, they know statistics. One time a specialist was so familiar with the issue I called about that she solved my problem even before I finished describing it."

To get help using or installing Minitab software, customers can access Minitab’s Technical Support services in three ways:

1. Help Yourself
You can access a wide range of free online resources from our Support home page. We offer traditional product Help, videos, FAQs, webinars, and more.

2. Get Support Online
When you create a free online account with, you can log in and e-mail questions to the support team anytime, and get answers from a support specialist within one business day. When you get help online the system keeps a detailed record, so you can always review your questions and their answers in the future.

3. Call Us
You can also speak with a technical support specialist during normal business hours—just call +1-814-231-2682.

When you contact Minitab Technical Support, the response you get may go beyond what you’d expect, says Jack West, a Six Sigma Black Belt at Northrup Grumman. “When I was attempting to understand the calculations and interpretation of the partial autocorrelation function, they not only answered my questions but also faxed me a sheet that provided the formulae and the expressions used to perform the calculations, along with a reference to a text for more complete information on the subject."

"Your support went above and beyond what I would consider normal service levels to resolve my issue,” agrees Michael Jensen, executive director of APS Healthcare. “The customer support that you provide is one of the primary reasons that I continue to purchase Minitab.”

Sarah Haines, manager of Minitab, LLC.’s technical support team, notes that they can’t answer general statistical questions. “Our experts often provide assistance with statistics as part of answering a question about using Minitab, but we can’t answer questions that are clearly about statistical matters rather than our software,” she explains.

“For example, if you get an error when analyzing data with regression, we can help you understand why and help you complete the analysis in Minitab—but we can’t tell you whether regression is the right tool for analyzing your data.” 

However, Haines notes, as long as the question involves Minitab software, the support team is ready to help customers with everything from installation to application. 

But what if you do need help choosing the right statistical tool, or interpreting your process-specific output? You can get personalized statistical support through our Statistical Consulting service, starting with a free 30-minute session.

Our statistical consultants are expert statisticians who can help you design effective experiments, collect the right data, perform intensive analyses, interpret your results, and more. They provide support on-site, or by phone, email, or web conferencing.

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