5 Reasons Why More Students Learn Statistics with Minitab Statistical Software

More students learn statistics with Minitab than with any other statistical software. Here are five great reasons why Minitab 16 Statistical Software is the leading package used in more than 4,000 universities worldwide. 

1.  Minitab Is Designed for Learning.

Originally created as a learning tool by three university statistics instructors, Minitab’s intuitive interface makes it easy for teachers and students to use. Commands and menus are logically organized in a way that matches leading textbooks and complements how students learn and work, while the StatGuideTM provides easy-to-understand guidance to help interpret output. Minitab lets students save all the parts of their analysis in one file, making it easy to stay organized and complete assignments. And because Minita includes more than 700 built-in sample data sets, it's easy to enhance your courses and reduce class preparation time.

2.  Minitab Is Affordable for Students and Schools.

With tuition rising at most institutions, students need affordable software—and Minitab offers great academic discounts. Students and instructors can buy or rent a personal copy of Minitab from just $29.99 USD online through our Minitab Product Center hosted by On the Hub:  http://www.onthehub.com/minitab

Minitab even offers academic discounts to entire institutions. Both large and small schools benefit from Minitab's university-wide annual enterprise license (AEL), which gives students and faculty unlimited access to Minitab in on-campus labs and a timed, personal copy of Minitab for home use. So students can use Minitab whether they are in the classroom or the dorm room, while schools save time and money by managing one affordable license.

3.  Minitab Is Comprehensive.

Minitab gives you a comprehensive set of statistical tools—with no need to purchase expensive add-ons or missing modules. Minitab performs all of the functions students will encounter in any introductory college statistics course, including descriptive statistics, probability distributions, statistical inference, proportions tests, confidence intervals, t-tests, and much more.  View a full list of Minitab’s capabilities

4.  Minitab Is a Real-World Tool that Helps Students Find Jobs.

Thousands of world class companies use Minitab Statistical Software. When you teach with Minitab 16, you make your students highly competitive for a wide range of jobs. Companies that use Minitab recruit graduates who do, too.  Want proof?   Just take a look at the Internet’s leading job sites

5.  Minitab Is a Textbook Example—Literally!

More than 400 textbooks and supplements reference Minitab, making our software easy to add to your course. Even better, more than 100 different statistics textbooks from the world's leading educational publishers come bundled with Minitab Student Software, a streamlined version of Minitab's professional software. Visit our Textbooks page for a partial listing of  teaching resources that reference Minitab.

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