Minitab Launches Release 15 of Minitab Statistical Software

January 31, 2007 

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Minitab, LLC. today released Minitab® 15 Statistical Software, the latest version of the leading package used in quality improvement and statistics education.

More than 4,000 colleges and universities use Minitab for teaching and research, and thousands of companies worldwide choose it for their Six Sigma and other data-driven quality improvement programs.

Minitab 15 contains nearly 50 enhancements, including:

  • Ability to assign formulas to columns in the worksheet
  • Expanded Gage R&R capabilities
  • Power (OC) curves for power and sample size
  • Probability Distribution Plot
  • New Reliability methods for forecasting future warranty claims
  • More than 40 new calculator functions

Because it has been adopted by companies around the globe, Minitab, LLC. is offering its statistical software in several new translations. Minitab 15 is available in English, French, German and Simplified Chinese, and Minitab 14 is available in Korean and Japanese. Documentation is available in several other languages, and additional software translations are planned.

Although Minitab is widely known for being easy to use, it contains the advanced tools needed for even the most rigorous quality improvement projects. That combination has fueled the software’s success, and Minitab has been used to implement virtually every major Six Sigma initiative around the world.

“Minitab’s intuitive interface lets people focus on improving their business, not learning to navigate another piece of software,” says J.-P. Mulley, product manager for Minitab. “That’s why it's also the popular choice for teaching statistics in universities and even high schools.”

Minitab 15 retains the previous version’s intuitive and straightforward interface, making it simple for new and current users to access every feature.

It also furthers the company’s efforts to provide the best tools for quality improvement professionals. In August 2006, the company released Quality Companion 2 by Minitab™, process improvement software designed specifically to help Six Sigma professionals manage and execute projects.

Earlier this month the company introduced Quality Trainer by Minitab™, an e-learning service that teaches statistics and serves as an ongoing resource for professionals who apply statistics to implement quality improvement.

A free, fully functional, 30-day trial version of Minitab 15 is available at Customers can purchase Minitab 15 and Quality Companion 2, and subscribe to Quality Trainer, online at the Minitab Store,

About Minitab 

Minitab, LLC. is one of the world’s leading developers of statistical analysis and process improvement software for academic and commercial users worldwide. Minitab Statistical Software is the preferred data analysis software for businesses of all sizes and is used in more than 80 countries by thousands of distinguished companies, including Toshiba, 3M, Honeywell International, Wachovia, DuPont, Haemonetics Corporation, Samsung and leading Six Sigma consultants.

Minitab has been used to implement virtually every major Six Sigma quality improvement initiative around the world, and is the software educators use to teach statistics in over 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide.

Minitab, LLC., headquartered in State College, Pa., operates offices in the United Kingdom and France and has additional representatives throughout the world.

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