Minitab Updates Leading Statistical Software, Adds New Quality Improvement Features

Latest update to top statistical software for quality practitioners includes new control charts.

October 11, 2011

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Minitab, LLC. today released Minitab® 16.2 Statistical Software, an update to the most recent version of the leading software used for quality improvement and statistics education. This update adds new tools to Minitab’s quality improvement arsenal. Minitab 16 Logo -300px 

The update is free for Minitab 16 users. The company also offers a free, fully functional, 30-day trial at

“Minitab Statistical Software is designed to open the door to statistical analysis for more people,” says Michelle Paret, Minitab product marketing manager. “It’s the ideal solution for everyone who needs to analyze data in order to improve quality and make data-driven decisions.”

The Minitab 16.2 update adds four new control charts to those already available in the software: Laney P' and U' charts, and G and T charts.

Laney P' and U' control charts are similar to the traditional P and U charts used to monitor processes in many industries.  But where traditional control charts can potentially indicate that a stable process is out of control, especially when large amounts of data are collected, Laney charts ensure that only important deviations in the process are detected.

“As a result,” Paret explains, “these charts can give you a more reliable indication of whether your process is truly in or out of control and eliminate false alarms.”

Hospitals, clinics and surgery centers can use Minitab’s new G and T control charts to monitor rare events.  “These charts are typically used to help healthcare facilities assess the time or opportunities between rare events,” Paret says. “They’re designed to monitor infections, medication errors, ventilator-associated pneumonias, patient falls and other rare adverse events.”

Although G and T charts are used heavily in healthcare, they are applicable to other industries. “Think about the ‘days between accidents’ signs that you see posted in manufacturing facilities,” Paret says. “That type of monitoring is a natural fit for the G chart. They’re also very applicable to low-defect processes seen in high-yield manufacturing systems.”

Minitab 16 was introduced in May 2010 and received rave reviews for its new functionality and features, especially the Assistant, a menu-based tool designed to guide users through their analyses and help them interpret their results with confidence. 

The Assistant contains interactive decision trees that help you choose the right tool and walk you through your analysis step-by-step.  It has a simplified interface that is easy to understand, and includes guidelines to ensure your analysis is successful. It even provides interpretation of your output and comprehensive reports you can use to present your results.

“Minitab lets you focus on improving your business because it’s so easy to use,” says Paret. “That’s why it's also the most popular choice for teaching statistics in universities and even high schools.”

Thousands of companies worldwide use Minitab to analyze data for quality improvement programs. More than 4,000 colleges and universities use Minitab for teaching and research.

Because it has been adopted by companies around the globe, Minitab 16 is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Documentation is available in several other languages.

The company offers two other products. Quality Companion by Minitab® is process improvement software designed specifically to help professionals manage and execute quality improvement projects. Quality Trainer by Minitab® is an e-learning course that teaches statistics and serves as an ongoing resource for professionals who use statistics to implement quality improvement.

About Minitab

Minitab, LLC. is the leading provider of software for Lean, Six Sigma and quality improvement projects. Thousands of distinguished companies use Minitab software, including Toshiba, DuPont, Boeing, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nestlé and Pfizer.

Minitab, LLC. is headquartered in State College, Pa., operates offices in the United Kingdom, France and Australia, and has additional representatives throughout the world.


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