Minitab 19.2020.1 Software Update

This update includes our proprietary CART® (Classification Trees and Regression Trees) commands which expand upon Minitab’s predictive analytics capabilities to better enable you to proactively make decisions and take actions that create value by delivering better results and avoiding costly mistakes.


  • Optimal Tree with option to select alternative trees
  • Relative Variable Importance

Additional updates:

  • Cross Validation for Regression (k-fold cross validation and test set) and Binary Logistic Regression (test set only)
  • Python Integration: ability to call python scripts from Minitab Statistical Software and display results in the Output Pane
  • Multi-Vari chart in the Quality Tools menu is the original chart from Release 18; the new visualization added in version 19.2 is now the Variability Chart


Get the Update

  1. Open Minitab 19.
  2. Choose Help > Check for Updates.
  3. Follow the instructions for installing Minitab 19.2020.1

If you experience difficulty updating Minitab Statistical Software, please contact Minitab Technical Support for assistance.