• Minitab 19.2.0 Software Update

    This update includes a new Multi-Vari Chart that is easier to interpret and allows for up to 8 factors. 

    Additional updates include:

    • Stability study update. Specifications limit is no longer disabled when one specification limit is entered in stability studies.
    • Correlation command update. The Method and Pairwise Correlation Tables are now more explicit when there’s missing data.
    • The Pareto chart in the Fit Regression Model’s graphs sub-dialog will default to unchecked.

    Get the Update

    1. Open Minitab 19.
    2. Choose Help > Check for Updates.
    3. Follow the instructions for installing Minitab 19.2.0

    If you experience difficulty updating Minitab 19, please contact Minitab Technical Support for assistance.

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