Minitab Express 1.5 Software Update

Minitab Express 1.5 introduces data import from Excel, bootstrapping and randomization tests, binary logistic regression, and best subsets and stepwise regression. For more information, visit What's New in Minitab Express 1.5.

This update also resolves a security vulnerability in Minitab Express. The vulnerability could allow for code injection attacks. An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could cause arbitrary JavaScript code to be executed in the software’s output pane.

Note: If you have the multi-user version, you must first verify you have the latest version of the License Manager before updating to Minitab Express 1.5.

Get the Update

  1. Open Minitab Express.
    • Mac: Choose Minitab Express > Check for Updates.
    • PC: Choose File > Help > Check for Updates.
  2. Click Install.

If you have questions or need assistance installing the update, please contact Minitab Technical Support.