Minitab Express 1.2 Software Update

Minitab Express 1.2 introduces new functionality that makes the software even easier to use, including the ability to edit graphs, new options for importing your data, new graphs for 1 and 2 Proportions Tests, and toolbar customization (Mac only).

For more information, visit What's New in Minitab Express 1.2.

Get the Update

  1. Open Minitab Express.
    • Mac: Choose Minitab Express > Check for Updates.
    • PC: Choose File > Help > Check for Updates.
  2. Click Install.

If you are attempting to update from Minitab Express 1.1 to 1.2 after installing OS X Yosemite, you must open Minitab Express in unlicensed mode to apply the update. To open Minitab Express 1.1 in unlicensed mode:

  1. Open Minitab Express on the Mac.
  2. A License Utility – Find License dialog box will appear. Click Cancel.
  3. You will receive an error message informing you that a valid license for Minitab Express was not found. Click OK.
  4. Minitab Express will now open in unlicensed mode.
  5. Choose Minitab Express > Check for Updates.
  6. Click Install.

If you experience difficulty launching Minitab Express, please contact Minitab Technical Support for assistance.