Companion by Minitab 5.3.0 Software Update

Companion 5.3.0 is the latest free update to Companion by Minitab, and it is better, faster and easier than any previous version of Companion.

In Companion 5.3.0, you can take an analysis in Minitab 19 and send the output directly to Companion. You can then open the image of that output directly as a form in your Companion Roadmap.

Also, you can now export forms, process maps and other tools to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well as PDF.

Additionally, avoid rework by importing regression and DOE models from Minitab Statistical Software into Monte Carlo simulations.

To upgrade your desktop version to the full version including both the online web dashboard and workflow features – including idea management, a project hopper, formal stage gate reviews, email notifications and tracked field changes – please contact your Minitab representative.

To avoid compatibility issues, Minitab strongly encourages all those using Companion to update to the latest version.

Get the Update

Note: If the Check for Updates option cannot be selected, your organization may have disabled Minitab Software Updates. Please contact your organization’s Companion license administrator to access this update. If you do not know who your license administrator is, please contact Minitab Technical Support.

Companion Web Application

Your License Administrator has been notified of the update and they will manage the deployment at your organization.

Companion Desktop Only App

  1. Open Companion by Minitab Desktop app.
  2. Choose Help > Check for Updates.
  3. Click Install.