• What's New in Minitab Express

    Minitab Express 1.5 introduces data import from Excel, bootstrapping and randomization tests, and new regression features.

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  • Minitab Express 1.5

    Import Excel Files

    Easily import Microsoft Excel XLSX files directly into Minitab Express.

    Bootstrapping and Randomization Tests

    Use resampling techniques to estimate confidence intervals for a parameter of interest, such as the mean, median, or proportion, and to conduct hypothesis tests. Learn more.

    Binary Logistic Regression

    Identify important variables and create predictive models for a binary response.

    Best Subsets and Stepwise

    Use these model reduction techniques to identify the best regression equation.

  • Minitab Express 1.4

    Time Series

    Explore data collected over time with new Time Series tools:

    • Time Series Plot
    • Trend Analysis
    • Moving Average
    • Single Exponential Smoothing
    • Double Exponential Smoothing
    • Differences
    • Lag

    Control Charts

    Assess the stability of a process with these new Control Charts:

    • Xbar
    • Xbar-R
    • Xbar-S
    • Individuals
    • I-MR
    • P
    • U

    New Regression Features

    Include a categorical predictor and calculate confidence intervals for coefficients when running regression analysis.

    Row and Column Statistics

    Calculate summary statistics for rows and columns. For example, calculate row averages to demonstrate the Central Limit Theorem.

    More Graph Distributions

    Fit an exponential, lognormal, or Weibull distribution for histograms and probability plots, and use a geometric distribution when calculating and graphing probability distributions.

    New Formula Functions

    Create formulas using new percentile, concatenate, combinations, permutations, factorial, IF, AND, OR, NOT, <, ≤,=≤,> , ≥, =, and ≠ functions.

    More Random Data Distributions

    Generate data sets randomly sampled from generic or Bernoulli distributions.

  • Minitab Express 1.3

    Nonparametric Tests

    Analyze your data using seven new Nonparametric Tests:

    • 1 Sample Sign
    • 1 Sample Wilcoxon
    • Mann-Whitney
    • Kruskal-Wallis
    • Mood’s Median
    • Friedman
    • Runs Test

    Variance Tests

    Assess the variability in a data set or compare data sets with three new Variance Tests:

    • 1 Sample Variance
    • 2 Sample Variance
    • Test for Equal Variances

    Enhanced Graph Editing

    A host of new features expand your ability to edit graphs. For example, you can now:

    • Display histogram bins using midpoints or cutpoints, and choose between frequency, percent, and density scales.
    • Easily switch between counts or percents after creating a bar chart.
    • Add a connect line between points on a scatterplot.
    • Transpose graph axes, for example, on boxplots.
    • And more.

    Make Similar

    The new Make Similar feature retains your most recent dialog settings and graph edits. With one click you can quickly return to any dialog, change your inputs and settings, and generate new output.

  • Minitab Express 1.2

    Graph Editing

    Easily edit your graphs. Change the text in titles, subtitles, footnotes, and axis labels by simply clicking on the field and editing it. You can also add or delete graph titles, data labels, gridlines, and more.

    Import Data from Project Files

    Directly import Minitab worksheets that are embedded within Minitab MPJ or Minitab Express MPJX project files. Just click File > Open Worksheet to extract worksheets from projects.

    New Graphs for 1 and 2 Proportions Tests

    To help you interpret your results, Minitab Express now provides a graph that illustrates your confidence intervals for 1 and 2 Proportions Tests.

    Toolbar Customization (Mac only)

    Give yourself immediate access to any analysis you frequently use by adding it to your toolbar. Just right-click on the toolbar to customize it, and click and drag the tools you want to add.

    Enhanced Descriptive Statistics

    Calculate descriptive statistics for more than one column of data at a time, and include skewness and kurtosis in your analysis.

    New Zoom Options

    Easily zoom in or out of both the data pane and the output pane.

    Copy and Export Output

    Export output as .PNG, .PDF, or .HTML by right-clicking in the output pane. You can also edit tables that you have pasted into other applications, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

    Copy and Paste in the Data Pane

    Data manipulation is easier. For example, you don’t have to select an entire column when pasting data from one column into another, and Minitab Express will warn you if you try to paste a column name into a data cell.

  • Already have Minitab Express?
    Get the update now!

    1. Open Minitab Express.
      • Mac: Choose Minitab Express > Check for Updates
      • PC: Choose File > Help > Check for Updates
    2. Click Install.


    If you are attempting to update from Minitab Express 1.1 to 1.2 or 1.3 after installing OS X Yosemite, you must open Minitab Express in unlicensed mode to apply the update. To open Minitab Express 1.1 in unlicensed mode:

    1. Open Minitab Express on the Mac.
    2. A License Utility – Find License dialog box will appear. Click Cancel.
    3. You will receive an error message informing you that a valid license for Minitab Express was not found. Click OK.
    4. Minitab Express will now open in unlicensed mode.
    5. Choose Minitab Express > Check for Updates.
    6. Click Install.

    If you are experiencing difficulty launching Minitab Express, please contact Minitab Technical Support for assistance.

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