Monitor. Automate reports to share and track information for meaningful business intelligence. Instant alerts communicate changes requiring action or a deeper dive into your data.

Minitab Connect Dashboard

Automate and Monitor Key Processes and Performance Indicators​

Why continue building the same report and analysis every day, week or month? Use Minitab dashboards to set-up your report to run regularly and be shared easily with those that need to see it. Automatic updates allow you to monitor key processes and perfomance indicators. Alarms enable you to go beyond ordinary BI tools to communicate a change. Take action to improve or dive deeper into your data for further analysis with Minitab Statistical Software.


Self-service data preparation tools empower users – from data scientists to business analysts – to quickly and interactively, profile, curate, enrich, and shape diverse datasets using a spreadsheet-like interface.

Because the platform stores data resources in a centralized database, users can easily access and explore their data without risking data quality or security.

Data preparation steps can be shared with other users as repeatable workflows, eliminating repetitive data setup processes and maximizing productivity.

Seamless, direct access to Minitab® Statistical Software enables one-click delivery of prepped data for in-depth analysis.


Dynamic, real-time visualizations with interactive elements allow users to explore data and develop deeper insights.

Dashboarding tools include highly flexible, configurable design and formatting options to facilitate meaningful reporting.

Data visualizations and dashboards can be shared - securely - with relevant stakeholders across the enterprise and beyond.​

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