• Corporate Culture

      Minitab believes that people enjoy work and are intrinsically motivated. And we know that when our employees grow and succeed, so do we. We offer an exceptional collection of benefits, and are committed to integrity, mutual respect, good humor, teamwork, and a fulfilling work-life balance.

      A Commitment to Integrity

      We encourage and expect employees to conduct all internal and external business in a straightforward, constructive, and honest manner. We believe this builds trust and respect.

      An Open Door

      Position and hierarchy should never stand in the way of good communications flow. Employees should seek out information from the most logical sources and share it openly with others.

      Supportive Management

      Our organizational structure is based on teams, not hierarchy. Our employees are our most valuable resource, and management’s first priority is to facilitate their best work and help them accomplish department and company goals.

      Inspiring Colleagues

      You can count on having a great group of talented, creative, motivated people to work with. We are very proud of our very low turnover rate, and believe the opportunity to collaborate with bright and energized colleagues is a major contributing factor.


      We strongly believe in a healthy work-life balance, and provide the flexibility you need to make your job work for you.

      A Casual Environment

      Minitab has no dress code. We think people want to be comfortable at work and trust their good judgment when it comes to personal dress.

  • Our Guiding Principles

    Minitab serves everyone who practices or teaches data analysis. Our mission is to help people discover valuable insights in their data by delivering exceptional software and unparalleled services.

    We are committed to developing lasting relationships with customers based on trust and a deep understanding of their needs. Facilitating their good work is our contribution to society.


    Our products and services will surpass expectations of quality and performance, and will clearly distinguish Minitab from others in our markets.


    We will encourage and inspire one another, and hold ourselves and each other accountable for meeting schedule and quality expectations in support of our fundamental objective.


    We will collaborate, cooperate, and work across the organization to create better products and deliver solutions more effectively.


    We will give each other the resources, trust, and flexibility we need to complete projects and tasks successfully, and opportunities to contribute to our fundamental objective in meaningful ways.


    We will encourage the open exchange of ideas and perspectives, and will share information to help each other understand how our work contributes to our fundamental objective.


    We will encourage each other to maintain a healthy balance in our lives, and be supported with company policies that provide the opportunity to fulfill both our professional and personal obligations.


    We will treat everyone we encounter in our work with honesty, respect, and compassion.


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