• Case Study

    Known worldwide for bicycle trailers that set the standard for quality, Burley uses Minitab Statistical Software to help keep their reputation for excellence strong.

    Putting data to work.

    Burley rigorously tests and inspects their bike trailers to provide customers with a safe and durable product. Upon reviewing some pass/fail inspection data, quality manager Mary Craighead identified discrepancies between quality inspectors at headquarters and Burley's manufacturing partner overseas. She turned to Minitab's attribute agreement analysis to find the root cause and get all inspectors back on track.

    Analysis revealed overall accuracy of pass/fail ratings across inspectors was poor.

    Newer inspectors were more likely to pass defective items, and required additional training.

    Revising evaluation forms to capture comprehensive inspection criteria yielded results.

    Improved inspection process could reduce scrap rates and unnecessary rework.

    “Minitab has helped us get metrics in place for our leading quality indicators very quickly.”

    —Mary Craighead, Quality Manager, Burley

    Powerful statistical software that everyone can use.

    Companies like Burley know that people make better decisions when they understand what their data are telling them. And with Minitab, you don't have to be a statistics expert to get those great insights—the software walks you through every step of your analysis, and even helps you interpret the results. Minitab makes it easier and faster to use data to make good decisions by providing accessible but powerful tools for every step of the journey.

    Burley Attribute Summary Report - Simulated

    The complete package.

    Minitab has all the tools you need to assess quality, identify where and why problems exist, and arrive at solutions you can trust.

    Get clear results.

    Minitab's built-in guidance and easy-to-understand reports help you and your stakeholders focus on the metrics that matter most.

    Access the experts. 

    Need help? We provide unlimited phone or online support from specialists skilled in statistics, quality improvement, and computer systems.

    “Minitab does a great job of offering help and support to make statistics comprehensible and approachable for just about anyone.”

    —Mary Craighead, Quality Manager, Burley

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