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How To Analyze a Split-Plot Experiment

This article describes how to correctly set up and analyze a split-plot experiment using a real-life example. Also discussed is how the two different estimates of experimental error required in split-plot designs are calculated and used to determine which factors are significant. Kevin J. Potcner and Scott M. Kowalski, Quality Progress, December 2004

Avoiding Mean Square Error Bias in Designed Experiments

This article discusses the causes and consequences of bias in the mean square error (MSE) term and provides suggestions for detecting and correcting MSE bias. James A. Colton, Scientific Computing & Instrumentation, April 2004

Non-Traditional MSA with Continuous Data

This article addresses the relationship between standard (manufacturing) measurement system analyses, and those encountered in the Service Quality/Transactional arena. Keith M. Bower, Six Sigma Forum - American Society for Quality, December 2003

How To Recognize a Split-Plot Experiment

This article describes split-plot experiments, commonly used with hard-to-change factors, as compared to completely randomized experiments. Three real-life examples are presented that describe when and how split-plot experiments can be used. The article also shows how the analysis of split-plot designs differs from completely randomized designs. Scott M. Kowalski and Kevin J. Potcner, Quality Progress, November 2003

When To Use Fisher's Exact Test

This article explores the relationship between Karl Pearson's Chi-Square test and R.A. Fisher's Exact test. A situation when the Chi-Square test may not be appropriate is discussed. Keith M. Bower, ASQ Six Sigma Forum Magazine, August 2003, Vol. 2, No. 4

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