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Determining if Your Measurement System is Adequate

To improve a process, you need reliable data. Is your measurement system providing data you can depend on? Find out with Minitab’s Gage R&R Study and Gage Run Chart. Michelle Paret, Quality Magazine, March 2008

Identifying the Distribution of Data is Key to Analysis

Knowing the distribution of your data is essential to choosing the right statistical method. Learn how Minitab’s Individual Distribution Identification can help you quickly determine the distribution of your data so you can make this critical choice. Asia Pacific Engineer, December 2007

Modeling Non-Normal Data Using Statistical Software

Using a supplier of tantalum as an example, this article discusses how to demonstrate process stability and capability for quality characteristics that do not follow the normal distribution. Louis Johnson, R&D Magazine, August 2007, Vol. 49, No. 8

Breakthrough Improvement for Your Inspection Process

This article presents “The Six Step Method for Inspection Improvement” – a process to increase the accuracy of pass/fail decisions made when visually evaluating manufactured parts for defects. The process is illustrated by a case study from Hitchiner Manufacturing Company, Inc., a manufacturer of precision metal parts who successfully implemented this method. Louis Johnson, Six Sigma Forum - American Society for Quality, May 2007

A Modified Path of Steepest Ascent for Split-Plot Experiments

This article investigates the path of steepest ascent used in response surface designs within a split-plot structure. It presents three methods for calculating the coordinates along the path. Scott M. Kowalski, Connie M. Borror, and Douglas C. Montgomery, Journal of Quality Technology, January 2005, Vol. 37, No. 1

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