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Some Misconceptions about R2

This article investigates some frequently encountered misconceptions involving the important R2 statistic. The Minitab datasets (MTW files) illustrate concept and support examples from the article. James A. Colton and Keith M. Bower, EXTRAOrdinary Sense (ISSSP Newsletter), August 2002

Exhibit A: Minitab Balances the Scales of Justice

Read this entertaining account of how one customer used our statistical software to win his day in court and save himself $5,000 when the buyer he sold his house to sued him for damages after closing. Tony Coray, Minitab News, June 2002

Measurement System Analysis with Attribute Data

Addresses two statistics for use in a measurement system study involving attribute responses, using Minitab Release 13.31. The important difference between Kappa and Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance is highlighted. Keith M. Bower, KeepingTAB #35 (Minitab Newsletter), February 2002

Sample Size Determination for the Test of One Proportion

Learn how to use Minitab's Power and Sample Size functionality for the test of one proportion. Keith M. Bower, EXTRAOrdinary Sense (ISSSP Newsletter), February 2002

On The Use of Indicator Variables in Regression Analysis

Addresses the use of indicator variables in simple and multiple linear regression analysis. Keith M. Bower, EXTRAOrdinary Sense (ISSSP Newsletter), November 2001

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