• Why Minitab?

    Statistics instructors have been choosing Minitab for more than 40 years because of its user-friendly interface, affordable price, and free online teaching resources.

    Minitab is the leading software used for statistics education at more than 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide. More students learn statistics with Minitab than with any other software.

    Minitab 18 for PCs includes a comprehensive collection of statistics for beginning through advanced courses.

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    Minitab Express is designed for introductory courses, and is available for the Mac and PC.

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  • Minitab's intuitive design puts the power of statistics in your students' hands on day one.

    • Familiar worksheets make it easy to type, load, or copy and paste your data.
    • Menus are organized to complement leading textbooks.
    • Clean, straightforward dialogs are easy to complete.
    • Rich, informative graphs help students visualize and explore data.
    • All analyses are archived for easy review.
  • Special Academic Pricing

    You and your students save money when you rent Minitab through our Minitab Product Center at OnTheHub. Single-user licenses are also available for qualified instructors. For more information, contact us.

    Affordable Licenses for Schools

    Schools can choose from a range of inexpensive licensing options, including a university-wide annual enterprise license (AEL). These licenses provide unlimited access to Minitab in on-campus labs, and personal copies of Minitab for home use.

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  • Advantages in the Classroom and Beyond


    Free Teaching Resources

    Plan and supplement your courses with Lesson Plans, instructional YouTube videos, Classroom Applications, Minitab Help Examples, and more.

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    Experience Employers Want

    Thousands of world-class companies use Minitab and they recruit graduates who do, too. When you teach with Minitab, you give your students a tremendous advantage in a competitive job market.

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    Referenced in Leading Textbooks

    Developing a curriculum with Minitab is easy - it's referenced in more than 400 textbooks and supplements. And textbooks can be bundled with Minitab to provide students with a free, personal copy of the software.

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    Better than Excel

    Minitab clearly has more statistical power than Excel, but research has shown that it's also more accurate and reliable. And twice as many students find Minitab easier to use. With so many affordable options for Minitab, why accept Excel's limitations?

    Why Excel Doesn't

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