• Why Excel Doesn't?

    The American Statistical Association believes that in order for students to learn how to analyze data, schools need to provide efficient computing tools. "Generic packages such as Excel are not sufficient for the teaching of statistics," it asserts.

    Read the ASA position paper

    Statistics instructors and their research confirm that when it comes to data analysis, Excel has problems.

    Difficult to use

    • Required data structure varies greatly, creating frequent rework.
    • Running analyses on multiple columns is problematic.
    • Output is poorly organized with inadequate labels.
    See Using Excel for Statistical Data Analysis — Caveats


    • Several procedures are either misleading or wrong.
    • Distributions are imprecise.
    • Many charts violate standards of good graphics.
    See Is Microsoft Excel an Adequate Statistics Package?


    • Computational problems create incorrect output.
    • Missing data are handled inconsistently.
    • Output can be misleading, incomplete, or irrelevant.
    See Statistical Analysis using Microsoft Excel

    Minitab 18 and Minitab Express —The Ideal Solutions

    Minitab's intuitive interface allows students to quickly learn the software and focus on mastering statistical concepts. Twice as many students surveyed rated Minitab as very easy to use compared to Excel, with Minitab outscoring Excel in every ease of use category.

    See Statistics Software Survey Results

    Minitab is accurate, affordable, and used in thousands of companies in more than 100 countries. When you teach with Minitab, you give your students a high quality education and a set of skills they can use in the real world.

    See Minitab Pricing and Licensing

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