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    Minitab Help Examples

    Access examples to learn how to use Minitab and Minitab Express to conduct common analyses.

    Each PDF contains step-by-step instructions for performing the analysis, sample output, and guidance for interpreting results. The content is drawn directly from Minitab Help and represents only a fraction of the topics covered. More examples are available online at Minitab Support and Minitab Express Support.


    Learn how to create a histogram to visualize the center and spread of a sample data set.

    Bar Chart

    Use a bar chart to count and graph the unique text values found in a single column of data.


    Graph the relationship between two variables using different symbols to represent a third variable.


    Compare the medians, ranges, and distributions of different samples using boxplots.

    Time Series Plot

    Create time series plots to graph data over time and compare different series.

    Probability Distribution Plot

    Use a probability distribution plot to calculate and graph probabilities for a normal distribution.

    Normality Test

    Determine if data follows a normal distribution using a normality test and corresponding p-value.

    Display Descriptive Statistics

    Calculate the mean, standard deviation, and other statistics to compare two samples of data.

    1-Sample t-Test

    Calculate the confidence interval and p-value to determine if the mean is equal to a given value.

    Simple Linear Regression

    Determine if there is a relationship between a predictor variable (X) and a response variable (Y).

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