Products Comparison

Our software is packaged with a variety of statistical and graphical tools to meet your educational needs. Instructors and students can use either the professional version of Minitab Statistical Software or Minitab Express, our introductory statistics software for Mac and PC. Compare features to find the right product for success in your classes and research.

Graphs Minitab Statistical Software Minitab Express 1.5
Scatterplot check check
Matrix Plot check  
Bubble Plot check  
Marginal Plot check  
Histogram check check
Dotplot check check
Stem-and-Leaf check check
Probability Plot check check
Empirical CDF check  
Probability Distribution Plot check check
Boxplot check check
Interval Plot check Can add intervals to Individual Value Plot
Individual Value Plot check check
Line Plot check  
Bar Chart check check
Pie Chart check check
Time Series Plot check check
Area Graph check  
Contour Plot check  
3D Scatterplot check  
3D Surface Plot check  
Statistical ­Tools Minitab Statistical Software Minitab Express 1.5
Basic Statistics check Excludes Graphical Summary, Poisson Rate Tests, Outlier Test, Poisson Goodness-of-Fit
Resampling check check
Regression check Includes Regression, Stepwise, Best Subsets, Binary Logistic Regression
ANOVA check Includes One-Way, Two-Way, Equal Variances Test, Main Effects, Interaction and Factorial Plots
DOE check  
Control Charts check Includes Xbar, Xbar-R, Xbar-S, Individuals, I-MR, P, U
Quality Tools check  
Reliability/Survival check  
Multivariate check  
Time Series check Includes Trend Analysis, Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing, Difference, Lag
Tables check Excludes Descriptive Statistics
Nonparametrics check check
Equivalence Tests check  
Power and Sample Size check  
Assistant Menu check  
Technical Details Minitab Statistical Software Minitab Express 1.5
Operating System PC Mac and PC
Worksheet Size 4,000 columns with rows limited only by available RAM (first 10,000,000 rows displayed) 100 columns and 10,000 rows
Number of Worksheets Unlimited 1 maximum
Language English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish English
Data types Numeric, text, date/time Numeric, text
Data import types MPJ, MTW, XLS, XLSX, XML, TXT, CSV, DAT, ODBC MPJX, (import data embedded within) MPJ, MTW, CSV, XLSX