Minitab Pricing and Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions

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You know you need statistical software to analyze data at your organization, and maybe you’re considering Minitab Statistical Software as the solution. Are you looking for a quick overview of Minitab’s pricing and licensing?

If you are, you’ve come to the right place! We asked Tammy Serensits from the Minitab sales team to share her knowledge of Minitab’s flexible and affordable licensing options, whether you need software for one user or your entire company.

What licensing options are available for multiple users?

One of the most popular licensing options for organizations with many Minitab users is the multi-user license. What’s great about this model is that it features concurrent-use, which means that your company can install Minitab on an unlimited number of computers and those licenses can then be shared by 5 or more people.

Each time you open Minitab, a quick look to the server happens to see if there is a seat available, and if there is, Minitab will open. If all of your company’s seats are being used, you’ll receive a note that no seats are available. You can then reach out to your IT department (or your colleagues also using Minitab) to get a seat freed up for your use.

From a pricing perspective, the multi-user license can give you the most bang for your buck, especially if you have say, a 30-person quality improvement department of occasional Minitab users. Sharing 5 or 10 licenses among 30 people makes for a very reasonable per-user cost.

Concurrent Licesning

Multi-user licensing allows companies to install Minitab on an unlimited number of computers for concurrent use by 5 or more people.

How can I add or remove users from my multi-user license?

Multi-user licenses are flexible. For example, if you have a training course and need to add those participants to share the concurrent seats for a couple of weeks, it’s very easy to sort this out on your own using the Minitab License Manager.

You can also mix and match. Say you have one Minitab super-user who wants access to the software at all times: you can use the stand-alone install to grant unlimited access to that one user, and then the rest of your allocated seats are available for concurrent use on the server.

Does multi-user licensing work globally?

Yes, you have the option to go global with your multi-user license. If there is one central server that all locations can access, then it’s especially easy for your offices around the world to share your Minitab licenses. Imagine users in the United States switching off for the evening and your Asian offices lighting up a couple of hours later to use those same seats of Minitab!

Even if your company does not have a centralized network, multi-user licensing can still work for you. Choose to divvy up you seats to different servers around the world however you would like … 5 here … 10 there …

Also, don’t forget that Minitab is available in several languages (English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish), and it’s easy to switch between languages while using the software.

Can I travel with a Minitab multi-user license?

Yes! We understand that some of your organizations’ Minitab users travel regularly and aren’t always using desktop computers connected to the company network.

Minitab's solution for you is called borrowing. Borrowing allows you to check out a seat of Minitab from the server before you leave the office. You can then run Minitab off-network.

The stand-alone type of install also works well in this situation, as you can install one seat of your company’s multi-user license directly on your computer, which would then just decrease the number of seats your organization has available for concurrent use.


Above is a diagram to show the relationship between the Minitab License Manager on the server and the network client computers. For more details, check out Minitab's Installation Guide.

What other benefits come with a multi-user license?

Free technical support from our experts in statistics, quality improvement, and computer systems is available with multi-user licenses, and not to mention the plethora of awesome content in Minitab Help, StatGuide™, and Tutorials, all of which are available within the software.

Upgrades are also free with multi-user licenses, so you’re able to access the latest releases of Minitab at no extra cost.

One other benefit is the discount multi-user licenses receive on their purchase of Quality Trainer, Minitab’s online statistics course. While the Help within the software and our free online resources can show you how to complete your chosen statistical analyses, Quality Trainer teaches you when specific analyses should be done to solve your toughest quality improvement challenges.

Are there other multi-user deployment options?

There are variations to the standard multi-user deployment that’s outlined above, including redundant server hosting, virtual server deployment, and remote access systems. You can reach out to your local Minitab representative to learn more about these options.

Where can I find pricing, or buy now if I’m ready?

Minitab also offers licensing options for individual users, in addition to the multi-user concurrent-use model mentioned above. Pricing and purchase information can be found on our Minitab Pricing page. Also note there are special pricing options available for instructors and students, as well as government agencies.

To discuss more licensing options, or to have your questions answered in-person, please contact us today!

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