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Minitab Pricing and Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions

You know you need statistical software to analyze data at your organization, and maybe you’re considering Minitab Statistical Software as the solution. Are you looking for a quick overview of Minitab’s pricing and licensing?

Getting Better All The Time

As the corporate director of process excellence at Citrus Valley Health Partners, Denise Ronquillo plays a key role in improving quality and ensuring that patients receive excellent and safe care. Over the past two years, she and her colleagues have achieved substantial successes while overcoming resistance and skepticism, and are beginning to see a new culture of quality emerge in their organization. Ronquillo never expected to be using statistics on a daily basis, but she has found Minitab Statistical Software makes it easy to analyze data, and to validate and sustain improvements. We asked her to share some of the insights she’s gleaned.

This Isn't a Game We're Playing

He’s been a practicing surgeon for nearly 40 years, but Dr. Sandy Fogel’s enthusiasm for quality improvement makes it sound like he is just getting started.

A Hand in Transforming Healthcare Quality

When it comes to healthcare quality, many facilities treat issues as events rather than processes. When a solution is implemented, the problem is treated as if it’s been cured. Unfortunately, unless they receive systematic and attentive treatment, quality problems in healthcare are likely to persist and worsen—just like a chronic condition. The Robust Process Improvement® methodology encourages a different approach to solving healthcare problems, incorporating Lean, Six Sigma and change management principles.

Healthcare Quality: Making a Difference with Data: A Conversation with Dr. William H. Woodall

How can statistics and data analysis help improve outcomes in healthcare? William H. Woodall, professor of statistics at Virginia Tech, has been focused on that question for over ten years. Minitab asked Dr. Woodall to share some of his experiences and thoughts about the role data analysis can play in making health care better.

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