Patna University: Trusting Minitab for Statistics Education

Dr. Arun K. Sinha, professor of statistics, teaches courses that specialize in Statistical Survey Sampling, Statistical Quality Control, and Distribution Theory at Patna University in Patna, Bihar, India. To help students quickly master the statistical concepts necessary for real-world problem solving, Sinha equips his classrooms with the power of Minitab Statistical Software.

Established in 1917, Patna University was the first university in Bihar, India, and is the seventh oldest university on the Indian subcontinent.

Sinha was first introduced to Minitab in 1991 when he joined Penn State University in State College, Pa., as a fixed-term professor of statistics. "Though Minitab was relatively new at the time, the software was more convenient and user-friendly for data analysis than other packages," says Sinha.

Fast forward 20 years later—Minitab is used by more than 4,000 colleges and universities around the world, and Sinha still trusts Minitab to make it easy for his students to understand and apply statistical concepts. "I’ve been impressed by Minitab’s ability to update the software continuously over the years—especially the software’s graphing savvy," says Sinha. "Minitab makes it simple to display and edit multiple high-quality graphs on one page, allowing for more effective presentations in class."

Sinha commends Minitab’s intuitive interface and appreciates that menus are easily accessible and organized to match textbooks his students use. He also likes the fact that Minitab is well suited to students of all levels, including students pursuing degrees outside of statistics. "Minitab is equally useful for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research students in statistics, as well as students in other fields where data analysis is required," Sinha says. "Minitab deserves to be an integral part of all curricula that involve data analysis."

Sinha’s students use Minitab for data management and summarization, parametric and nonparametric inferential statistics, regression analysis, multivariate analysis, design of experiments (DOE), statistical quality control, and reliability analysis.

In addition to the software’s comprehensive array of statistical tools, Sinha applauds Minitab’s academic pricing, which makes it easily affordable for both students and universities.

Sinha also advises the Government of India’s Population Research Centre, which works within Patna University’s Department of Statistics. "Minitab’s tremendous capability to handle data sets conveniently, accompanied by its ability to analyze survey and experiment data with equal expediency, makes the software a vital tool for the centre’s work," he says.

"I strongly recommend Minitab not only for academia, but also for data analysis uses in government and corporate arenas," says Sinha. "Minitab’s affordability, usability, and top-notch data analysis capabilities make the software invaluable."