Minitab Express Adds Time Series Analysis and Control Charts

Latest update to Minitab Express introduces new statistical tools and additional distributions.

December 9, 2015

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – Minitab Express 1.4, an update to the most recent version of this statistical software package for introductory statistics, adds new analyses and regression features.

“We’re excited to provide business and engineering departments with the tools they need to prepare students for a data-driven world,” says Michelle Paret, product marketing manager.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive menus designed to complement leading textbooks, students can use Minitab Express on Mac or PC to quickly analyze and interpret their data—benefits that continue in the newest version, which includes time series analysis, control charts, regression improvements, and more.

New time series analyses help students explore data collected sequentially. Minitab Express 1.4 offers time series plots, trend analysis, moving average, single exponential smoothing, and double exponential smoothing methods to evaluate trends and produce forecasts.

Control charts assess process stability by monitoring continuous and attribute process data. Minitab Express 1.4 includes Xbar, Xbar-R, Xbar-S, Individuals, I-MR, P, and U control charts. New regression features in Minitab Express include creating models with a categorical predictor and confidence intervals for coefficients.

“Minitab Express does the heavy lifting with the calculations,” says Paret. “It allows students to focus on learning statistical concepts and their applications in real-world problem solving.”

Row and column statistics now calculate figures such as row averages, and users can create formulas using new percentile, concatenate, combinations, permutations, factorial, and logic functions.

New features added to Minitab Express 1.4’s graph and random data tools enable users to fit exponential, lognormal, or Weibull distributions for histograms and probability plots, use the geometric distribution when calculating and graphing probability distributions, and generate data sets sampled from geometric or Bernoulli distributions.

Instructors also have access to new lesson plans for teaching core statistical concepts using Minitab Express or Minitab 17. Class outlines, instructor notes, exercises, answer keys, and Minitab data sets are included.

The update is free for Minitab Express users. More information about Minitab Express, including pricing, licensing, a free 30-day trial version, and the new lesson plans are available at

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