• Controlling Value Order for More Meaningful Output

    Sometimes data are grouped into categories that imply a specific order, such as a progression of sizes or days of the week. But, if your output doesn’t reflect that order, it can be confusing. Learn how Minitab lets you set the order in which those values appear, so that your results are always presented clearly and logically.

  • Duplicating Graphs to Save Time and Effort

    Learn how Minitab’s suite of duplicating tools makes it easy to create variations on graphs that you frequently make, without starting from the beginning.
  • Exploring Your Data with Graph Paneling

    Sometimes it’s difficult to see the “big picture” when a graph is crowded. Learn how Minitab lets you split a graph into separate panels, which makes it easier to visualize your data and to recognize important patterns and relationships.

  • Graph Your Data with an Individual Value Plot

    An individual value plot can help you to determine the direction to take at the beginning of an analysis, particularly with small data sets. Learn how to use this Minitab graph to quickly examine the individual values of your data, to compare groups, and more.

  • Minitab's Graph Layout Tool

    Gain more perspective on your data and share it with others. Learn how Minitab’s layout tool helps you to assemble individual graphs into a single display so that you can see the whole picture and to include text and annotation to better communicate your findings.

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