• Minitab Software Update

    Minitab is the latest free update to Minitab 16 Statistical Software for single-user licenses. The update addresses critical compatibility issues between Microsoft Windows 8.1 and earlier single –user versions of Minitab 16. To avoid these issues, those using the Minitab 16 single-user version should update to before updating to Microsoft Windows 8.1.

    If you already have Microsoft Windows 8.1 and are having difficulty launching Minitab 16, please contact Minitab Technical Support for assistance.

    For details on the Minitab update, see the Minitab 16 Read Me

    New Features


    G and T Charts

    These control charts allow users to easily monitor rare events, such as infections in a hospital or accidents in a production facility. They are more effective than traditional control charts because they require less data and offer greater statistical sensitivity.

    Read the G and T Charts Tutorial

    Laney P' and U' Charts

    These control charts offer a more reliable indication of whether or not a process is in control when too much or too little variation in your data may be preventing an accurate assessment. This update also includes diagnostics to help you determine when to use P' and U' charts instead of P and U charts.

    Read the Laney P' and U' Tutorial

    Get the Update

    1. Open Minitab 16.
    2. Choose Help > Check for Updates.
    3. Click Install update(s).

    Note: If you are unsure whether you have the single-user or multi-user version of Minitab 16, you can determine your license type by choosing Help>Licensing within Minitab 16.

    • If the window is entitled Minitab Single-User Licensing Utility, you have the single-user version.
    • If the window is entitled Minitab Multi-User Licensing Utility, you have the multi-user version.

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