• Sample Materials

    Course materials for our training sessions were developed by Minitab experts with years of quality improvement experience. Sections are filled with hands-on examples, time-saving tips and more. They are a valuable resource and are yours to keep after any session.

    You can also purchase our Minitab and Quality Companion training manuals separately. Accompanying data sets will be provided, and quantity discounts are available. To learn more and place an order, please contact us.

    Minitab Statistical Software Sample Course Materials

    Manufacturing - Measurement Systems Analysis

    A manufacturer of fuel injector nozzles has installed a new digital measuring system and wants to know how well it works. The investigator uses a crossed gage R&R study to assess both the measuring system and the consistency of those who operate it.

    Service Quality - t-Test

    To promote higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction, a financial services institution wants to establish a baseline for their loan process. They use a 1-sample t-test to estimate the range of likely values for the average processing time and to determine whether their average time differs from a competitor’s claim of 6 hours. They use a normality test to determine whether the data are normally distributed and a time series plot to looks for trends in the data.

    Quality Companion Essentials Sample Course Materials

    Evaluating Inputs – Brainstorming with a Fishbone Diagram (in English)

    The management team of a sports bar chain has identified a quality improvement project to reduce the number of defects in the pizza-making process. To help determine the potential causes of pizza defects, they create a fishbone diagram to assist their brainstorming efforts.

    Map the Value Stream (in English)

    The managers of a sports bar need to identify waste in their pizza-making process. Their project team will create, format and add data to a current-state value stream map and then compare it with a future-state map.

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