• The Quality Trainer Advantage

    Thousands of organizations around the world have used Minitab software for more than 40 years. Our customers include 90% of the Fortune 100 companies. When you purchase Quality Trainer to learn statistics, you get a host of additional benefits from a company that is as committed to your success as you are.

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    Flexible and Affordable Licensing

    You can purchase individual subscriptions to Quality Trainer by the month or year, and group discounts are available for ten or more subscriptions. For a small fee, companies who have a Minitab Statistical Software license can add Quality Trainer and make it available to all employees.

    Quality Trainer Pricing

    Enterprise-Wide Learning

    Quality Trainer makes it easy to train large numbers of employees, wherever they are. You can use a central web site to manage their subscriptions, track their progress, review quiz scores, and even issue completion certificates.

    Enhanced Productivity

    Employees who can learn and refresh their knowledge of statistics anytime they are online are more confident and can complete their projects faster and with greater independence.

    Quality Improvement Expertise

    Every member of our customer service team has a deep understanding of the quality improvement challenges you face, from the statisticians who developed Quality Trainer to the sales and support representatives who help you access it.

    Technical Support

    We're there for you whenever you need us. Access unlimited phone or online support delivered by highly-skilled specialists who understand quality improvement.

    Technical Support

    Additional Training Opportunities

    The same industry-seasoned trainers who developed Quality Trainer offer a wide range of public, onsite, and remote courses. You can attend a live training session and use Quality Trainer to deepen and reinforce your knowledge over time.

    Minitab Training

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