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    Qeystone is a comprehensive platform for managing your entire continuous improvement program. Project owners and practitioners use the Qeystone Tools application to execute projects. Their project information automatically rolls up to Qeystone’s cloud-based Dashboard, where executives and stakeholders can see graphical summaries and reports for a high-level view of the organization’s entire quality initiative.

    The following documents provide more details about aspects of the Qeystone platform. To download all of the files, click here.


    By integrating powerful tools for executing projects with a flexible and accessible dashboard, Qeystone lets you see the impact of your entire Lean Six Sigma program.

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    Qeystone Tools

    Qeystone Tools helps teams complete projects more efficiently and consistently.

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    Architecture and Security

    Qeystone.com uses the 2048-bit VeriSign SSL Certificate to protect customer data and communications, the same standard as the leading banking services.

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    Qeystone Dashboard

    The Qeystone Dashboard provides a dynamic, graphical summary of your company’s entire Lean Six Sigma program—or just the parts that are most important to you.

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    After helping thousands of companies with quality improvement, Minitab’s team has taken what we’ve learned to make Qeystone deployment easy and fast.

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