• Qeystone Features

    Qeystone is designed to enable success at every step of a Lean Six Sigma deployment, from the initiation of individual projects through to the reporting of the whole initiative's results.

    Qeystone combines powerful quality tools like FMEA and value-stream mapping with a cloud-based dashboard that provides high-level reports and graphical summaries of your entire improvement program. As quality teams update project files, those updates automatically roll up to the dashboard and ensure that managers have the latest information.

    Align Your Projects and Your Corporate Objectives

    • The Qeystone Professional Services team works closely with you to understand your quality goals; identify important data, metrics, and targets; and help you achieve your objectives.
    • It’s easy to view the latest financial data, time frames, and other key data you need to make important decisions.
    • You can select and use the data and metrics that best align with your business objectives and goals, and compare them to set targets.
    • Champions and mentors can more easily manage all the projects that they and their team members are working on.
    • Dynamic reports can give everyone in your company access to information you want to share about the program.
    • You can restrict access to sensitive projects and data to the appropriate people.

    Monitor and Manage Your Entire Lean Six Sigma Program

    • Qeystone’s graphical summaries and dynamic reports give you a detailed view of your entire quality program.
    • All project files automatically roll up to Qeystone Dashboard, so you always have the latest information.
    • You can assess the progress of all projects, or just a select subset—whenever you need to, from wherever you are.
    • Search for, open, and explore projects to see the detailed activities and progress at the individual project level.

    Streamline and Standardize All of Your Company’s Quality Projects

    • Teams follow standardized roadmaps and use the same tools, ensuring consistency across projects.
    • Qeystone Tools includes Process Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, Fishbone Diagrams, SIPOC, FMEA, C&E Matrix and more than 100 other ready-to-use forms and tools.
    • Project data automatically rolls up to a centralized and accurate reporting structure to keep you and your stakeholders informed.
    • You can easily find, learn from and replicate your organization’s most successful quality improvement projects.

    Increase Access and Reduce IT Demands

    • Qeystone.com can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile device.
    • Your projects, templates and reports are stored securely in the cloud.
    • Centralized, cloud-based storage eliminates the need for on-site servers and backup systems.
    • Automatic daily, weekly and monthly backups safeguard your data using the latest methods.
    • System security is verified and tested by third-party experts.
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