• Make your company’s continuous improvement program faster, better and more relevant.

    Qeystone is a Project Portfolio Management platform designed to manage your company's entire Lean Six Sigma deployment, from the start of each project through to the reporting of key metrics and financials for the whole initiative.

    Qeystone combines powerful quality tools like FMEA and value-stream mapping with a cloud-based dashboard that provides detailed reports and graphical summaries of your entire improvement program. As quality teams update project files, those updates automatically roll up to the dashboard and ensure that managers have the latest information.

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  • Align Your Projects and Your Corporate Objectives

    Qeystone delivers the data you need to make critical business decisions

    Qeystone Align

    Metrics that Matter

    See the latest financial data, time frames, and other key information you need to make important decisions.

    Targeted Summaries

    Easily compare key performance indicators with set targets to determine your program's performance against established goals.

    Trustworthy Data

    Standardized project forms and tools ensure your key metrics are reported consistently across all divisions and teams.

    Improved Oversight

    Your champions and executives can more easily stay on top of and manage all the projects that they and their team members are working on.


    Configurable Data Fields

    Select and use individualized data, metrics and targets that best align with your business objectives and goals.

    Filtered Reports

    Create reports based on status, location, business, people, and other factors.

    Company-Wide Sharing

    Create dynamically updated reports that give everyone in your company access to shared financial, project management, regional, or other information.

    Selective Access

    Keep sensitive project information private by restricting its availability to the people you select.

  • Monitor and Manage Your Entire Lean Six Sigma Program

    Get insight into your entire Lean Six Sigma program with up-to-date, interactive summaries.

    Qeystone Monitor  

    Initiative-wide Insights

    Get graphical summaries, key performance indicators, and reports for a detailed view of your entire quality program.


    Easy Access to Critical Information

    Qeystone’s easy-to-use interface gives you the information you need, when you need it and wherever you are, via computers, tablets and mobile devices.


    Reliable Reports

    Data from project files automatically rolls up to the Qeystone Dashboard, so you never need to wonder if you’re seeing the latest information.


    On-Demand Oversight

    Assess the progress of all your projects, or just a select subset from a division, location, or region, whenever you need to.



    Search for, open, and explore individual projects to see all the details about their activities and progress.


    Company-Wide Reports

    Configure public reports to inform everyone in your company about the status of your projects.


    Individualized Reports

    Create unique reports that provide specific information for individual users, and that are only available to that user.


    Private Data

    Restrict sensitive projects and data to ensure that only authorized individuals can access them.


  • Streamline and Standardize All of Your Company’s Quality Projects

    Make projects easier to complete and assess with the tools and metrics that work best for your organization.

    Qeystone Streamline

    Systematic Projects

    Built-in roadmaps and templates ensure that projects support your organization’s improvement methods.


    Insight into What Works

    Easily find, learn from, and replicate your organization’s most successful projects.


    Consistent Methods

    Your teams use a standardized set of Qeystone Tools to enable consistency across all projects.

    One Project Record

    Qeystone projects are centrally stored and contain all project tools, so teams never need to cobble together a hodgepodge of documents into a project record.


    Effortless Reporting

    Data, metrics, and targets automatically roll up to a centralized reporting structure that keeps you and your stakeholders informed—with no extra effort from the team.


    Interconnected Project Documents

    Project tools share information so your team members don’t waste time on redundant data entry.

    Reliable Information

    Be confident you have complete and accurate data, because no other project portfolio management platform offers an integrated and standardized tool set for Lean Six Sigma.


    Comprehensive Tools

    Qeystone gives your team more than 100 ready-to-use forms and tools, including Process Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, Fishbone Diagrams, SIPOC, FMEA, C&E Matrix and more.


  • Increase Access and Reduce IT Demands

    Remove constraints and support your quality program with cloud-optimized technology.

    Qeystone Cloud  

    Minimal IT Footprint

    Eliminate the need for on-site servers and backup systems with centralized, cloud-based storage, and comprehensive and flexible user account management.

    Cloud Storage and Backup

    Your projects, templates and Dashboard capabilities are all stored in a single location, secure in the cloud, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance.

    Availability across Devices

    Your organization’s authorized users can access the Qeystone Dashboard from any computer, tablet or mobile device.


    Universal Accessibility

    Qeystone’s cloud-optimized Dashboard and license portal work with any Internet connection, with no need for VPN.

    Data Encryption

    Like the leading online banking services, Qeystone uses the 2048-bit VeriSign SSL Certificate to protect your data and communications.

    Complete Security

    With automatic daily, weekly and monthly backups, you can be confident your company’s data is safeguarded using the latest methods, verified and tested by third-party experts.


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