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    • Critical Checks for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: Validating Your Data Integrity and Process Performance

      This presentation will explain how data integrity and process monitoring are critical to each other for regulatory compliance. If your data is not healthy, the evaluation of your process may be incorrect. You will finish the webinar with knowledge of useful statistical techniques to verify your measurement system and validate your process stability. This webinar is a presentation, not a software demonstration. (50 minutes)

    • 11-APR-2019
      3:00 PM CEST
    • 15-APR-2019
      3:00 PM CEST
      presented in French
    • Better Process. Better Outcome. Better Product. Using Minitab for superior quality in medical device manufacturing

      Medical device manufacturers are often tasked with documenting the process to comply with regulatory requirements and improving quality to adhere to customer specifications. Failure to do not just one, but all of the above is not an option in most medical device process scenarios. That's where capability analysis and tolerance intervals come in. Join Jose Padilla, Minitab training specialist, to solve one the most important challenges of the Medical Device industry. (60 minutes)

    • 17-APR-2019
      1:00 PM United States Central Time

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