• Make Better Decisions with Devize

    Devize makes it easy to use Monte Carlo simulation to assess your current conditions, optimize your inputs, and quantify the impact of variability on your products.

    These examples show how Devize can help you predict the impact of potential adjustments and make decisions when faced with uncertainty—no matter what type of process you’re improving.

    Making The World a Little Brighter

    Learn how a chemical technician at the Perfect Papyrus Company used Devize to deliver a new product that meets brightness standards.

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    ChemicalPharmaceuticalPlastics and Rubber

    Making Stronger Steel

    See how a product engineer for Superlative Auto Parts used Devize to make sure the company’s steel meets standards for tensile strength.

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    AutomotiveMetalsIndustrial Machinery

    Sealing Up Patient Safety

    Learn how a line supervisor at AlphaGamma Medical Devices used Devize to help protect patient safety by improving a critical package sealing process.

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    Medical DeviceComputer and Electronics

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