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  • Monte Carlo simulations have never been easier.

    We set out to provide engineers with a powerful simulation tool in an efficient, user-centric interface. The result, we believe, is the most intuitive, useful, and usable Monte Carlo simulation software on the market. We think you'll agree.

    Guided Workflow

    Devize has a smart workflow that walks you through the entire simulation and optimization process. Its simplified interface provides direction and helps you easily navigate the software.

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  • Clear Results

    Devize presents key results cleanly and clearly, and makes them easy to access and understand. It foregrounds important information, provides guidance to help you make sense of the results, and identifies the next steps to take to optimize your process.

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  • Innovative Visualizations

    Devize brings your simulations to life in striking detail. Rich graphs reveal critical information about your process and make it easy for you to share your results.

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  • Available Anytime, Anywhere

    Devize is a web-based application with results that are accessible from your desktop or mobile device. No installation is necessary and your connection is secure.

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      Yearly subscriptions are available for both individuals and teams for $250 USD per user.

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