• Smarter Process Improvement

    Live Webinar | May 4th, 10:00 EDT
  • According to the Juran Institute, a lack of management support is the number one obstacle to a quality program's success. To sustain commitment from the top, teams need to be able to demonstrate how their improvement program is affecting the bottom line, but many organizations lack the resources necessary to aggregate program data and produce timely, reliable reporting.

    But what if there was a way to get automatic, real-time insight into how your improvement program affects the bottom line? And what if, at the same time, you could maximize the efficiency of your improvement process itself? And what if it took only minutes to set up?

    Introducing Companion by Minitab®

    • Get automatic, up-to-the minute reporting on savings and KPIs.
    • Give your team a complete set of process improvement tools.
    • Standardize your quality metrics and methods with custom roadmaps.
    • Replicate successful projects quickly and easily.

    Join us for a free, hour-long webinar introducing Companion by Minitab®.


    Doug Gorman
    Technical Product Manager for Companion by Minitab
    Doug Gorman, a Six Sigma Black Belt, joined Minitab in 2000. He has led Minitab training sessions, developed training materials, and consulted with customers to help them gain insight from their data.
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