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    The following documents provide more details about aspects of Companion. To download all of the files, click here.


    By integrating powerful tools for executing projects with a flexible and accessible dashboard, Companion lets you see the impact of your entire improvement program.

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    The Companion desktop and web apps

    Companion helps teams complete projects faster and more efficiently.

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    Architecture and Security

    Companion uses a 2048-bit SSL certificate to protect customer data and communications, the same standard as the leading banking services. For subscription based customers using Companion’s web application, the user authentication process to access Companion can be managed by Minitab or deferred to your organization (deferred authentication) to allow for single sign on (SSO) to multiple applications.

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    Companion Videos

    Watch these training videos to learn how to use Companion, including how-to's on Value Stream Mapping, Monte Carlo Simulation, Brainstorming Tools, Process Mapping, and more.

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