• Case Study

    This global leader in healthcare solutions uses Quality Trainer to give employees a healthy understanding of statistics—and increase the effectiveness of its Lean Six Sigma training program.

    Keeping Trainees on Track

    Medtronic’s Lean Six Sigma trainees come from every business unit, and from a wide array of backgrounds and educations. That ensures quality expertise is available throughout the company, but different levels of statistical know-how made training a challenge. Medtronic needed a way to help these employees:

    Obtain a solid understanding of statistics

    Connect specific statistical tools to real-world quality scenarios

    Learn at their own pace, on their own schedule

    Gain familiarity with Minitab Statistical Software

    “I needed a way to give everyone coming into the Black Belt program a common level of statistical awareness.”

    —Dayna Cruz, Black Belt training manager, Medtronic

    Quality Trainer Brings Statistics to Life

    Medtronic found the solution in Quality Trainer, Minitab’s statistics e-learning course. By explaining key concepts, then illustrating how to use them to solve problems, Quality Trainer ensures that trainees have a baseline of statistical knowledge when they reach the classroom. And with the built-in tracking, managers and trainers can easily verify that all participants complete the appropriate lessons before training starts.

    Comprehensive lessons, available on demand.

    With more than 100 interactive lessons, Quality Trainer covers all the statistics you need to improve quality, including Basic Statistics, Control Charts, Process Capability, ANOVA, DOE, and more. Repeat lessons any time to refresh your knowledge!

    Striking animation and relevant examples make statistics easy.

    Learning statistics can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Quality Trainer turns abstract statistical concepts into engaging stories that reflect more than 30 real-world quality improvement problems, giving you a deep understanding of both the concepts and their applications.

    Apply theory to practice, immediately.

    Once you understand a statistical concept, step-by-step videos show you exactly how to use Minitab Statistical Software to run the analysis, and datasets are provided to give you the opportunity to practice your new skills.

    “By ensuring they all share a healthy understanding of statistics, Quality Trainer has made it easier to prepare our Lean Six Sigma trainees to solve problems across our business.”

    —Dayna Cruz, Black Belt training manager, Medtronic

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