• Why Attend

    Minitab Insights
    Conference 2017

    Chicago, IL | 11-12 September, 2017

    Build Skills. Exchange Ideas. Develop Community.

    Immerse yourself in the intelligence of our community.

    Minitab customers have amassed a wealth of knowledge about quality improvement. Our two-day conference gives you direct access to this expertise, and the opportunity to grow professionally by seeing firsthand how your peers are analyzing and solving problems like yours.

    You can tailor the conference to meet your specific goals by choosing from dozens of concurrent sessions. Registration is only $885 and early bird pricing is available! You'll leave with a host of strategic insights and practical skills you can apply directly to your work.

    Hear from experts in quality improvement.

    The conference will feature some of quality improvement’s most renowned professionals sharing their perspectives and thought leadership.

    Expand your analytical skills.

    Many presenters will highlight effective ways to solve problems by providing tutorials, tips and tricks, and more.

    Leverage the success of your peers.

    Case studies from a range of industries will deliver valuable insight into how others are approaching and meeting their quality improvement challenges.

    Experience the Minitab Lab.

    Minitab experts and representatives will be available throughout the conference at the Minitab Lab. Test drive our latest products, get personalized product demos, ask any questions you may have, and share your feedback on how we might improve our products to better meet your needs.

    Network, network, network!

    The program will expose you to a diverse range of companies and professionals, but you’ll also have plenty of time to meet informally with fellow attendees, discuss common issues, and build lasting relationships that will help sustain you long after the conference ends.

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