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Six Sigma students from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology conducted a project to reduce food waste at the campus dining center. With the tools in Minitab Statistical Software and Quality Companion by Minitab, the class was able to quantify reductions into bottom-line savings for their college and prove statistically they had reduced food waste.

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A group of New Jersey Governor’s School students partnered with Silver Line Industries to assess the window manufacturer’s processes and identify possible improvements. Using Six Sigma and the quality improvement tools in Quality Companion by Minitab, the students took on the role of Silver Line Industrial engineers and looked for opportunities to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes and decrease costs.

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Phoenix Contact, a major developer of industrial electrical and electronic technology, uses Quality Companion by Minitab to manage all the documents they need to quickly track and complete quality improvement projects. Quality Companion transformed their continuous improvement investments from a manual system into an efficient, integrated program. 

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Ken Jones, professor of operations and supply chain management, teaches a business process improvement course at Indiana State University that covers a variety of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques companies use to improve work processes. By teaming with local businesses, students who take the class complete Lean Six Sigma projects and become green belt certified. To help them manage all the elements of their projects and make sense of their data, the students rely on Minitab software. 

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The combination of Minitab Statistical Software and Quality Companion are putting ADAT in the best position to maximize the benefits of their Lean Six Sigma initiatives, helping them to reduce their costs and improve quality throughout their business. 

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