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Faced with the launch of the Ford Fiesta, Ford Motor Company trusted Minitab for the statistical tools necessary to deliver a quality product and a successful introduction. 

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With the current growth of the financial firm—and plans for future expansion—Edward Jones wanted to ensure its world-class service continues to exceed customers’ expectations. Armed with Lean Six Sigma tactics and the statistical tools in Minitab Statistical Software, the business process improvement team at Edward Jones set out to assess how the firm could continue to meet its high customer service standards in the midst of increasing service demands.

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Thanks to DOE and to Stepwise Regression techniques in Minitab, the brewers at Twistaroma have a scientific solution to beer design that meets both production constraints and consumers’ expectations.

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Telefonica Group used Minitab Statistical Software and Lean Six Sigma methodologies to reduce its customer service escalation rate. Minitab helped the telecommunications company improve customer satisfaction while saving $2.9 million per year.

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Medtronic’s Black Belt candidates come from many different educational backgrounds, which made training difficult. To make sure candidates shared a common understanding of statistical methods and maximize their potential to succeed, Medtronic turned to Quality Trainer, Minitab’s e-learning course on statistics for quality.

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A hospital in India used Lean Six Sigma methodologies to improve its patient health records process. Data analysis using Minitab Statistical Software allowed the team to implement changes that reduced the turnaround time by 18 minutes.

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