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The experts at HEXPOL Compounding, a world leader in rubber compounding, pride themselves on sharing their market knowledge and innovation to provide customers in several industries – from auto to construction to healthcare to energy, oil and gas – the right solutions for their applications.

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Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) has achieved Quality Milestones throughout its 100+ year history. Its quality journey has recently added Lean Six Sigma tools and Minitab statistical analysis software to help achieve improvements with patient-centered care.

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Connections Health Solutions was asked to assume management of the Tucson, Arizona Crisis Response Center in April 2014 due to quality and safety concerns. Drawing upon their years of experience operating a larger crisis facility in Phoenix, Connections used Lean Six Sigma methods to redesign processes for evaluating, admitting and treating patients. Using Minitab Statistical Software, the Connections team was able to measure their success, which included significant improvements in the timeliness, quality of care, and patient experience overall.

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Tate & Lyle is a global leader in the food and beverage industry, validated by a long and impressive track record of “making food extraordinary” by turning corn, tapioca and other raw materials into ingredients that add taste, texture and nutrients to foods. One of their most recognizable products in the US is the sweetener SPLENDA® Sucralose.

When they faced a challenge in the process of refining corn sugars, Tate & Lyle turned to Minitab software for assistance.

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A branch of a popular national bank in China had a retention problem with their private banking customers. Each account had a minimum daily deposit requirement of CNY 10 million or USD 1.5 million, so the bank understood that acquiring new customers would be several times more expensive than retaining existing ones. The bad news was that the churn rates, or the percentage of account holders who discontinued their services, were higher than expected over recent quarters.

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When a national commercial bank in China ran a mobile phone app campaign, downloads reached 24 million. One of the main KPIs of the campaign was to encourage users to link their credit cards to the mobile app to promote more frequent use. Unfortunately, only 13 million users linked their cards.

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