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Tumbling Dice & Birthdays Understanding the Central Limit Theorem

One of the most important statistical concepts to understand is the central limit theorem. This article explains the central limit theorem and how to demonstrate it using common examples, including the roll of a die and the birthdays of Major League Baseball players. Michelle Paret and Eston Martz, Minitab News, August 2009.

Being in Control

Read this case study to find out how improperly constructed subgroups impacted a manufacturer's control charts and thus the assessment of their process. Michelle Paret and Paul Sheehy, Quality Canada, June 2009

How to Make Statistics Your Friend

Learn how people who find statistics intimidating can build the skills and confidence they need to analyze quality improvement data with Minitab's e-learning tool. Michelle Paret and Eston Martz, Quality Magazine, March 2009.

Reduce Inspection Costs with Acceptance Sampling

Learn how Minitab's sampling plans can make your quality inspections more efficient by helping you determine the right number of units to inspect. Janet Gess and Michelle Paret, Asia-Pacific Engineer, December 2008

Sweetening Statistics: What M&M's Can Teach Us

Not everyone enjoys learning about statistics. But adding M&M’s to the lesson is a fun way to make it more appealing. This article reveals how M&M’s can give students hands-on experience with statistics and Minitab Statistical Software. Michelle Paret and Eston Martz, Minitab News, August 2008.

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